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Meet The Team


Dr. Josif Sholomon

Dr. Sholomon is an exceptional Internal Medicine physician with over 25 years experience.  He is known for blending his medical skill with compassion and attention to detail. He is recognized by both patients and colleagues as a standout in his field.  Fluent in English, Russian, Spanish, Yiddish, and Hungarian.


Dr. Alanna Sholomon

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Dr. Alanna Sholomon is a Board Certified Internal Medicine physician who combines superb training, broad clinical experience, and a patient centered approach.  Dr. Sholomon is well known for her excellence in preventive care and warm bedside manner. Fluent in English and Russian.

Skilled in
Cosmetic Botox injections.

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Dr. Lily Weinstein

Dr. Weinstein is an Internal medicine physician in private practice over 25 years.  Excellent diagnostician with years of experience in acute and chronic conditions. Highly skilled in providing the best care to each and every one of her patients.  

Fluent in English and Russian.

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Dr. Dianna Sholomon

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Dr. Dianna Sholomon is a Board Certified Internal Medicine physician. She has the unique ability to focus on patients individual needs.  She is committed to promoting health through lifestyle change and preventative medicine.

Fluent in English, Spanish, and Russian.

Dr. Dianna Sholomon is a state approved physician for the NY Medical Marijuana Program.

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